Large God's Eye Leather Blank Book

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Known as the God's Eye journal, this 6" by 9" leather-bound blank book provides for you powerful tool for your metaphysical studies. Helping to create a safe place for you to store the secrets of your spellcraft, this book is hand stitched and bound in leather, with a semi-precious stone fixed into face of the book. Each stone is different, and as such the hand embossed design crafted into the leather surrounding it is different as well, being hand-designed to complement the stone. This creates a sense of authority and power within the journal, only helping you empower the stone within the journal with whatever spell or energy you might want to use to keep your journal or book of shadows safe and secure. Within, the blank pages are completely chemical and acid free, and indeed are not even made of tree-pulp. Made of cotton and recycled biomass, such as fruit and vegetable husks, they are thick, with a visible grain, making them well suited for heavier inks and even watercolor, provided an excess of water is not used, providing the perfect surface for you to inscribe the magickal diagrams that you have been crafting, pen sketches of your dreams, or otherwise prepare your magickal workings. This blank book is approximately 120 pages in length, with its pages stitched into the binding.

Product Name: Large God's Eye Leather Blank Book

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Book Condition: New

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