Green Tree of Life Leather Blank Book

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Bedecked in wonderful Celtic imagery, this 4 1/2" by 6 1/2" leather-bound journal portrays the tree of life, with its far reaching branches snarled in a twisting canopy of Celtic knots and leafy foliage. Beneath this, the tree contorts into an ancient warped trunk and deep roots that spread out into a wide design of Celtic knotwork weaving in and out of itself to create a wondrous, tangled pattern. This beautiful array of ancient imagery shows us the interconnected nature of all things both of the heavens and of Earth. Helping to drive this message home you will find on the reverse side a similarly embossed and inked image showing a peaceful forest stream with fish leaping from its waters, pouring through a ring of Celtic symbols. Combined with the fact that each page found within is made from cotton scraps found at the floor of garment factories and recycled biomass, such as fruit and vegetable husks, further enhancing this wonderful journal with sturdy, earth-friendly paper. This blank book is approximately 300 pages in length, with its pages stitched into the binding.

Product Name: Green Tree of Life Leather Blank Book

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Book Condition: New

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